Brake resistors are used in motor systems in which the motor is controlled by a drive and helps to control the engine through a process called dynamic braking. The braking resistor operation in AC and DC motors is different. As the engine accelerates, electric energy is converted into mechanical energy, and in the negative acceleration, kinetic energy is converted through the motor to electrical energy, which should be eliminated. For the brake to be fast enough, this energy must be brought into a resistor and repelled in the form of heat. This action generates a brake on the system and therefore protects the motor drive electrical in a safety mode.

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Inverter resistance

Inverter resistance is used for all types of boards, electrical inverters. These types of resistors are made up of a ceramic interior layer and a zinc layer of wire, which can be used with a refractory layer. The inverter's resistance…

Braking resistors

Brake resistors are used in various types of electric power inverters. These types of resistors are made up of a ceramic inner layer with a zinc layer, which can be used for this type of braking resistance using a refractory…

Aluminum resistance

Aluminum resistance exist in different dimensions with two output is suitable for being installed on the body of the board.Aluminum resistor are used in high voltage applications, industrial systems such as inverters, industrial circuit, voltage driver circuit, voltage control circuits.…

Banks load resistance

(Load -Bank-resistor) Loaded resistive banks consist of one series of winding ceramic resistors closed in series. In order to increase the thickness of the wings in galvanized metallic boxes used for outdoor. (Steel grid resistor) Metallic lace resistance is suitable…

Winding tube resistance (Ribbon -wound-resistor)

Winding tube resistor is used as ribbon in resistor connector. There exist two categories: wave ribbon and boiling point ribbons. High-performance and low resistance are the characteristics of this type. One advantage of this type of ribbon is that it…

Ceramic resistance (Wire wound resistor)

Ceramic resistor is made by special alloys, same as connector resistors and wire resistors. The alloys will change according to the temperature in which it will be used. Ceramic resistors wok in low current and high resistance too
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