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Special Products

  • Stabilizer


    The stabilizer can withstand rapid and over-voltage current and fix the voltage, thus protecting electrical appliances.

  • Noise Filter

    Noise Filter

    The filter noise is used to set the noise generated on the power line in a sinusoidal and suitable way for use in the output of a variety of inverters.

  • Coupling


    The coupling is a means of axising the motor and the pump shaft, which moves the motor's rotation to the pump shaft and causes the shaft to rotate.

  • Encoder


    An encoder is typically used to detect and receive both spin and linear motion and convert it into a digital signal.

  • Arrester


    Surge Arrester is an electrical device used to protect electrical equipment against the unusual current and voltage and holds the voltage at 120V.

  • Diode Thyristor

    Diode Thyristor

    Diode Thyristor is a piece of equipment that can transmit electricity under certain conditions, and it can be converted into a good environment for controlling electrical current.

  • Brake Resistance

    Brake Resistance

    The brake resistance is used in motor systems where the motor is controlled by a drive and eliminates the electric energy generated by the engine.

  • Fuse


    The fuse blocks the excess current and prevents serious damage causing excessive fire and overheating. Fuses are produced in different degrees of current and voltage.

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    • Motrona

      MOTRONA state of the art production facilities have recently been expanded to accommodate growing demand which allows them to maintain a permanent stock of core products, ready for immediate delivery usually on the same working day the order is received. Quite apart from a continually expanding product portfolio of safety devices, digital indicators, controllers and signal converters, motrona offers a bespoke service of customer-specific solutions aided by a team well experienced in solution-finding. There is nothing their engineers relish more than a challenge!.

    • Hohner

      Hohner company has dedicated more than 25 years to exclusively specializing in the design and manufacturing of encoders. This company manufactures 10000 impulse direct-read encoders without interpolation. Hohner company has created solutions for manufacturers in different sections , such as: packaging , heavy machine industry, aeronautical, alimentation, elevation and other industries. It's essential to mention that hohner encoder guarantee of globally recognized quality.

    • TER

      The company TER World was founded in Olgiate Molgora. In 1962, the brainchild of its founder, Sergio Blasi, someone who succeeded in entering the field of producing switches and controls for handling machinery and industrial handling, was led to the founding of the company. Rapid growth of the company TER World , was from the very beginning of the production, that in Italy in terms of industrialization, were favorite for industrial factories.

    • Tamagawa

      Since its foundation, Tamagawa Seiki has taken up the challenge of angular precision for control equipment, such as high-precision sensors, motors and gyros, and successfully delivered such equipment to its customers. They are now one of the few makers in the world with the capability to develop and manufacture both two-dimensional and three-dimensional (spatial) position/angle sensors. They have applied leading-edge high-precision sensor technology to our "Motion System,"whose fields of application are extending even to the space industry..

    • Jakob

      With more than 40 years experience, Jakob company is one of the leading suppliers of mechanical components for the servo drive industry in GERMANY. First, its couplings for drive technology and clamping elements for workpiece clamping set new standards in the market. Now, they developed a Motor-Safety System for spindle protection which emphasizes our high innovative capabilities. Jakob company is considered as a driver of innovation for new technologies, using all product synergies of the JAKOB group.

    • DEHN

      Dehn Company was founded in 1980 by Philip Dehn. The field of activity of this company is the production and delivery of various types of syringe, erection and lightning protection systems as well as safety systems. For over 100 years, the company has been operating with 1700 employees. Meanwhile, Dehn's Searser has different types based on the voltage tolerance.

    • Delta

      Delta Company with 50 years of experience is active in production of single-phase stabilizers, three-phase stabilizers, power stabilizers, servomotor domestic appliances, variabel, ototranss, variacs. Also all types of inverters, and all Delta products have a yearly warranty service.

    • Baumer

      Baumer company in Germany is active in the field of producing halo shaft encoder, shaft encoder, increment encoder, linear encoder, tacho generator, Absolute encoder, absolute encoder, socket encoder, and cable encoder.

    • IME

      IME Italy is active in the field of generating current transducers, voltage transducers, transmitters, frequency transducers, active transducers, reactive transducers, programmable transceivers, dc transducers, power analyzers, ammeter and voltmeter.

    • TDK

      TDK offers a wide range of EMC / EMI noise filters. TDK noise filter is an electromagnetic interface device used to eliminate interference within signal lines or power lines. The EMI filter, EMI FILTER, eliminates the signal interference generated by the device itself or external factors and helps to protect the device against electromagnetic signals.

    • Motrona

      کمپانی motrona در کشور آلمان تاسیس شده است. سابقه فعالیت این شرکت نیز به بیش از 25 سال می رسد. زمینه فعالیت آن تولید و ارائه انواع اینترفیس و مبدل موترونا (motrona) شامل : مبدل انکودر سینوسی کسینوسی ، مبدل سیگنال فرکانس به آنالوگ ، مبدل TTL به HTL ، مبدل HTL به TTL ، مبدل HTL به TTL-RS422 و برعکس و ... می باشد. کمپانی motrona ، یکی از بزرگترین شرکت های تولید اینترفیس و مبدل است که هدف خود را خدمت به کسب و کار بین المللی قرار داده است.

    • Hohner

      شرکت hohner اسپانیا تاسیس شده در سال 1983 ، یکی از بزرگترین و برترین تولید کنندگان انکودر ابسولوت با مشخصات خاص در جهان می باشد . این شرکت قابلیت ارائه انواع انکودر قابل برنامه ریزی از 0 الی 65000 پالس و همچنین انکودر ابسولوت 12 الی 32 بیتی ، انکودر مطلق ، انکودر افزایشی ، انکودر موازی ، انکودر شفت دار ، انکودر هالو شفت ، انکودر مغناطیسی ، انکودر خطی ، انکودر فیلدباس ، انکودر ضد انفجار و ماژول الکترونیکی را دارا می باشد .

    • TER

      کمپانی TER World در Olgiate Molgora تاسیس شد. در سال 1962، زاییده افکار بنیانگذار آن، Sergio Blasi ، فردی که امکان موفقیت در ورود به عرصه تولید محصولات سوئیچ و کنترل برای اداره ماشین آلات و بالابرهای صنعتی را می دید، منجر به تاسیس این کمپانی شد. رشد سریع کمپانی TER از همان آغاز تولید محصولات بود که در ایتالیا به لحاظ صنعتی سازی، مورد علاقه کارخانجات صنعتی قرار گرفت.

    • Tamagawa

      Tamagawa Seiki شرکتی است که از زمان تأسیس آن، از چالش دقت زاویه ای برای تجهیزات کنترل مانند سنسورهای با دقت بالا، موتورها و ژیروسکوپ ها برخوردار بوده است و این تجهیزات را به مشتریان خود تحویل داده است. آنها اکنون یکی از چندین سازنده ریزولورو انکودر در جهان هستند که توانایی توسعه و تولید سنسور موقعیت / زاویه دو بعدی و سه بعدی (مکانی) را دارند. آنها تکنولوژی سنسور با تکنولوژی پیشرفته پیشرو را به سیستم حرکت ما اعمال کرده اند که زمینه های کاربرد آن حتی به صنعت فضا نیز گسترش می یابد.

    • Jakob

      شرکت Jakob ، با بیش از 40 سال تجربه، یکی از تامین کنندگان پیشرو از اجزای مکانیکی برای صنایع سروو در آلمان است. اول، اتصالات آن برای فن آوری درایو و عناصر محکم برای بستن قطعات قطعه قطعه، استانداردهای جدیدی را در بازار تعیین می کنند. در حال حاضر، شرکت Jakob سیستم ایمنی موتور را برای حفاظت اسپیندل توسعه دادند که بر توانایی های ابتکاری ما تأکید می کند. شرکت Jakob به عنوان یک تامین کننده نوآوری برای فن آوری های جدید، با استفاده از تمامی راهکارهای تولید محصول گروه Jakob در نظر گرفته می شود.

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