A voltage stabilizer is one of the devices used to protect, amplify, or undermine single- and three-phase electricity, as well as protecting electrical appliances such as quantum meters, personal computers, gas coolers and refrigerators, Generators, CNC machines, laser devices and so on.


Yasakva Stabilizer is a device used as a high-performance stabilizer and column stabilizer for industrial use. Yaskawa Stabilizer is offered in three phase stabilizer models with a linear output of 380 volts and a high voltage amplifier range of 280 to 450 volts. In all of the existing stabilizers, a fully integrated copper coil is used, which results in 100% real efficiency.


LTN was founded in 1979 and has been based in the region for more than 35 years and is winner of the 2015 business award as an excellent company. To us, “local” and “global” are not automatically a contradiction in terms. The products of LTN are slip rings, resolvers & rotary encoders.Resolvers are successfully used for precise control in many applications:Textile machinery, Mining machinery, Servo motors, Industrial robots, Hybrid drives and (mobile) , automation, Maintenance-free systems at low temperatures in exposed applications


The Dehn Company was founded in 1980 by Philip Dehn. The field of activity of this company is the production and delivery of various types of syringe, erection and lightning protection systems as well as safety systems. For over 100 years, the company has been operating with 1700 employees. Meanwhile, Dehn's Searser has different types based on the voltage tolerance.


Motrona company was founded in Germany. The company's history is also over 25 years old. Its field of activity is the production and presentation of a variety of interfaces and transducers of motrona, including the transducer of sinusoidal cosine encoder, frequency converter to analog converter, TTL to HTL converter, HTL to TTL converter, HTL to TTL-RS422 and vice versa.


One of WERMA's goals is to provide smart solutions that are easy to apply. This WERMA goal is a goal that has been around for decades, and customers from all over the world confirm our success day by day. Werma regulates the technology standards of the modern signal and also defines their future for more than twenty years with modular signal towers as the industry standard, and with today's smart grid solutions. WERMA products and solutions maintain the safety processes and execute them effectively.


JAKOB is a trusted partner in drive technology and clamping elements for customized customized requests. With more than 40 years of experience, this company is one of the leading suppliers of mechanical components for the servo drive industry. First of all JAKOB's connections to drive technology, which create new standards on the market, and JAKOB-resistant metal couplings that are known worldwide. Also, today JAKOB elastomer couplings produce a miniature coupling for the smallest drives and spacing couplings for transmitting torque in the range of 0 to 6 meters.

Maxon Motor

Maxon Motor was founded in Switzerland in 1961 and today is one of the leading manufacturers of high precision drive systems.


SALTEK started its activity in 1995 in the field of photovoltaic arsenal production, photovoltaic artery sight, DC arrestor, solar arrestor, DC arrestor, Arster Solar, Arrest Inverter, and is now among the top manufacturers of solar arresters.


Spain's hohner company, founded in 1983, is one of the largest and most advanced Absolut Incorporation manufacturers in the world. The company has the ability to offer a variety of programmable encoders from 0 to 65000 pulses, as well as 12 to 32-bit Absolute encoder, absolute encoder, increment encoder, parallel encoder, shaft encoder, halo shaft encoder, magnetic encoder, linear encoder, field encoder encoder, encoder Explosion proof and electronic module.


oupling SUNGIL Korea, one of the best and largest manufacturers of couplings, flexible and aluminum to withstand high torque with international standards such as: ISO14001: 2004, ISO9001: 2008, INNO-BIZ (SMBA), KOITA, KOAMI, SNUST, KITA , MKE and SMBA.


Flender manufactures gear and couplings. In addition to providing excellent services such as providing spare parts, maintenance services, technical support, and upgrading and upgrading options, including Flender Services, which will help you shape your digital future. Your company helps. The flender company also offers the world's largest industry-leading coupling including elastic couplings, highly flexible, tight, hydrodynamic, non-reactive, and rail connections. The company offers standard silicone and planetary gear units of standard and functional modular systems.


Electric Contractor offers a wide range of fusible fuses and fuses, quick fuse, fuse, fuse, ceramic fuse and high pressure fuse.


Electric Contractor offers a wide range of Siba Fibers for high voltage in the range of 6kv, 12kv, 24kv and 30kv in Germany.


Italy IME Company is a manufacturer of current transponders, current transducers (CTs), measurement meters. Transducer transducers can be used to receive different inputs and convert a variety of analog signals with high precision. Also, with the support of different signals and measurements, the output can be used to output the output from the displays, PLC systems and control equipment.


SEMIKRON was founded in 1951 by Dr Friedrich Josef Martin (1914-1974). In the space of just a few years, the entrepreneur from Nuremberg had secured important markets in the field of power electronics through founding subsidiary companies in countries including Brazil, France, Italy and England. Today, the family business is in its third generation and has a staff of more than 3,000 people world-wide. With a history more than 60 years of innovation, SEMIKRON has gone from strength to strength. Today SEMIKRON is a global leader in power electronics.

Asahi Keiki

Thermoswitches (thermoswitches) is an electric controller for setting the temperature in the closed space. Thermostats (thermoswitches) are typically connected to a heat sink (heater) or a cold storage device, to keep the space in constant charge with the device plugged in and controlled. The thermodynamic function is such that when the temperature reaches the desired setting temperature, the thermoswitches cut off the electrical circuit of the device, and when the temperature is lowered by 3 to 5 degrees from the set point, the circuit would cut off in half and The device starts to work.


TER World was founded in 1962 and founded by its founder, Sergio Pilli, to achieve the successful entry into the circle of switches and controls for industrial machines. TER products result in the capacity of innovation, experience and application of technological expertise. The standard of the products of TER consists of the full knowledge of the materials used and the constant attention to technical aspects, construction, performance, qualitative and ergonomic aspects. TER is of particular importance to the production process to achieve quality products that meet the customer's needs.


Novaris is committed to providing protection solutions to prevent damage from direct lightning, wave, and other electrical disturbances in data lines and data signal lines. Such a problem can cause or directly destroy electronic and sensitive equipment. Novaris was first established in 1993 in Kingston, Tasmania. the company products are immediately designed to provide high-quality protective products to resist some areas with the highest lightning levels. This ideology is today the core of our philosophy of design.


Taco generator is a device for converting to voltage and thereby setting the output voltage over the input range. Taco generator can also be used in cement, textile and steel factories. Baumer Germany is one of the top companies in the field of producing Tacho Generator.


TDK Corporation is a Japanese electronics company operating in the field of electronic devices and electronic components. TDK offers its products as one of the pioneers of the best sensor solutions in the world. In addition to widespread magnetic technology, TDK has increased MEMS (micro electric mechanical systems) and inertial sensor technology. TDK can improve your business through continuous innovation, delivering a wide range of components from the development of materials and elements, the ability to integrate sensors and develop sensor software, along with a wide range of motion, sound, and rating.

DIS Sensor

Dutch Dis Sensor Company offers a wide range of calipers, vibration meters, accelerometers, rotating encoders and inductors, customizable systems for home automation and medical devices. It is worth noting that the company obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2001, along with all Dis Sensor products, including calipers, vibrating gauges and accelerometers, rotary encoders, inductive sensors and ... With UL, TUV, And CE.